Edoardo Ripani

Edoardo Ripani was trained as an actor, before in Marche Region, with the experience of the independent group Aikot 27, then around the world, with several formative experiences with Jim Slowiak, Jairo Cuesta, Marco Sgrosso, Elena Bucci, Philippe Gaulier, Norman Taylor and Mariangela Gualtieri. In 2006 he graduated in theatre (DAMS) at the University of Bologna. In 2011 he achieved a Master in Philosophy of Performance at Macerata University.
As an actor, he has had several experiences in the field of research theatre and have worked with several theatre companies, like Nessunteatro (finalist Scenario Price 2011), Pantakin, Vicolo Corto, Urban Lies-Interrobang, theatropo, Cuoredebole project (winner “Made in Marche” Price 2013), K.A.K., Unie de Zorgelozen, with which him has performed in different European countries.
Between 2012 and 2020 he has been associated actor and teacher at the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels. In 2018, he obtained a Master’s degree in Theatre Directing at the RITCS School of Arts of Brussels.
In recent years he has have been developing his own theatrical practice and has been focusing on a documentary approach with several references to history, one of his main passions. His approach to the subject can be defined as almost scientific, as he likes to combine different documentary materials (articles; testimonies; real facts) and to translate them into theatre. At the same time, he is focusing on a form that goes beyond the black-box and does not necessarily involve professional actors. He is interested in working with communities, in narration and storytelling.
Currently he is active in social-cultural projects in the peripheries of Brussels, with the Italian Centre of Social Action in Anderlecht (association that works since almost 50 years with Italian migrants in Belgium) and with the working-space Transfocollect in Schaerbeek (space of theatrical expression for young people, mainly with a migration background). He is also a guest teacher at the Royal School of Theatre, Sound and Cinema (Ritcs School of Arts) of Brussels, where he gives a urban documentary workshop, which involves students of different media.
He is currently touring as a performer in the performance of Julian Hetzel, All Inclusive (production CAMPO Gent; Frascati Amsterdam; Schauspiele Leipzig; Kammerspiele Muenchen), which has been presented in several European Festivals such as Actoral, Impulse, Belluard, Biennale Teatro, Spielart e Points communs.


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