“Art and climate change”

Within Crossing the sea, a virtual space for dialogue and connection between Italy and Australia is opened on the theme of climate change, environmental sustainability and the role of artists in the community. Ruggero Franceschini, Madalena Reversa Company and Teodoro Bonci del Bene come into contact with Sandra Thibodeaux, Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, Henrietta Baird and Joshua Thomson: all the artists have made sustainability the center of their artistic research, tackling the theme from different angles and with very different formats and processes.

The informal exchange process allows the artists to deepen how artistic research can address the topics and support the audience and the local communities towards adaptation. The reflection also extends to the production process itself, to think about how the entire creative practice must evolve to achieve the objectives of reducing emissions.
At the end of the exchange, an online event is organized, open to the entire partnership and to all the Italian artists involved in Crossing the sea. In the first part, the various researches and artistic proposals of the group are presented; in the second, the debate opens on how to deal with the climate emergency in the live entertainment sector.

KIAC @ Marche Teatro and Anghiari Dance Hub, Italy

The Japanese choreographer and dancer Moto Takahashi is selected by Kinosaki International Art Center to spend a period of residency and training in Italy.
Moto first has the opportunity to concentrate on her own research and “Solo” in Polverigi, guest of Marche Teatro at Villa Nappi; the artist works also on video dance, recording short videos in the medieval setting of the village.
During her stay at Anghiari Dance Hub, Moto deepens instead dance dramaturgy thanks to the seminar with Guy Cools and with the support of Saya Namikawa, KIAC collaborator in Italy.

Andrea Costanzo Martini @ Cambio Festival, Brazil

Andrea Costanzo Martini is hosted at Cambio Festival for an exchange of practices with local artists, which also includes open lessons, the presentation of his solo “Trop” and meetings with the audience and other artists from the area.
The choreographer selected, together with the direction of Cambio, 5 participants who attended a series of rehearsals, lasting 4-5 hours each. Each rehearsal included a lesson with Andrea Costanzo Martini, followed by a few hours of choreographic research. The work created was then presented in the form of a semi-formal sharing in the Theater of “Cidad dos Atores”.

“The choreographic research has mainly touched the theme of family. Personal stories, reflections, questions presented both verbally and physically and images extrapolated from personal memories have gone into the creation of this short piece of about 13 minutes.
The value of this meeting went far beyond the physical and artistic research per se. “

“I met a completely different reality from the one I am used to work in, of five performers from extremely different social and economic backgrounds. I had the opportunity to touch the reality of a country marked by extreme contradictions through the lens of artistic creation and dance. Our meetings extended beyond the scheduled time to find out what it means to be an actor, a dancer in Brazil. I was lucky enough, among other things, to attend a Samba and to have a detailed exposition of the value of the Carnival in Rio by a dancer who actively participates in it every year. “

“My strongest impression was that of a truly dynamic and creative community struggling with an absolutely disastrous economic situation (especially in the last four years) and completely dependent on itself trying to reach the most isolated and less wealthy communities of the city. A community animated by the desire for exchange, encounter, and meaning. “

mk & Seoul Institute of the Arts @ Armunia, Italy

After the stay in Seoul of mk company in June , it is time for the Korean dancers of Seoul Institute of the Arts to reach Italy for a residency at Armunia.
The group has worked on the methodologies learned by Michele Di Stefano, who joins them as a tutor in Rosignano Marittimo. The final result of the residency is presented in Spoleto, thanks to the collaboration between Seoul Institute of the Arts and La Mama Umbra.

“The participation and enthusiasm of the participants were undoubted, supported by the invaluable complicity of prof. Andrea Paciotto and the choreographer Aeh Soon in Seoul, and Angela Fumarola director of Armunia. “

“In addition to strengthening the link with the Institute of Arts and with the cultural project of Armunia, the double experience of the foreign trip and the Italian residency also allowed us to meet various companies and protagonists of Korean contemporary dance, in view of further developments that this project immediately suggested. “

Ilenia Romano @ Sarayyet Ramallah, Palestina

Ilenia Romano is hosted by Sarayyet Ramallah during their summer programme, dedicated to introducing the world of performing arts to the local population and to encourage the presence of qualified artists in Palestine, so that they can work with children, teenagers and young people. Ilenia’s stay is abruptly interrupted due to the intensification of hostilities in Gaza, which makes it more prudent to leave the country. The experience is a source of confrontation with artists and partners and both Sarayyet and Ilenia express their desire to continue their collaboration as soon as possible.

“From the moment I arrived in Tel Aviv, on the taxi ride to Ramallah, I knew it was going to be a particularly intense experience. Those landscapes, the people, already stood out inside me without the possibility of escaping me.
Going through the check points, prepared in advance by the suggestions of my companion, immediately opened my eyes to the complex political situation of which we all know but which takes on a completely different significance when we experience it on our skin.
The taxi driver and I stop to buy fruit for his family, then continue on to the hotel. Strangely I feel at home. “

“I was struck by the kindness and respect that everyone has always shown me, even with unexpected gestures and gifts. Wherever I went, I always felt hearts around me open to welcoming. “

“In the first two days of getting to know the group, through practical work, I understand that I have to review the ways and objectives of my research and probably the reasons why I am there.
I try to shape my research so that I can deal with the essential technical issues, I leave the little ones more freedom to play with my proposals by physically interacting with them continuously (body language is the only one with which we can understand each other), I create small movement games that can entertain them linked to the themes of investigation, I leave a small space of composition to the older girls to be able to dedicate myself to each one, taking care of their technique and interpretation specifically.
I feel that their interest and their way of participating change day by day … Maybe I have found the right channels. “

“I greet everyone, they invite me to come back next year, they tell me that this is my second home. The feeling I had on my arrival is confirmed by their words. “

Compagnia mk @ Seoul Institute for the Arts, Seoul

The choreographer and artistic director Michele Di Stefano leaves for Korea together with the dancers Francesca Ugolini and Sebastiano Geronimo, all guests of the Seoul Institute of the arts, an advanced training center for live performance and creative research.
While in Korea, the Company works on the new production “Sfera”, involving the students of the Institute in the process and sharing the working methodology with them.
The Company is also a guest at a series of networking events that allow them to get to know other professionals in the area.
The residency concludes with a final public presentation.

“The idea of ​​constructing a performative – as well as educational – path together with the students of the Institute of Arts in Seoul starting from the choreographic system which is the basis of one of the mk company’s most recent works proved to be immediately fruitful, and has allowed in a short time a truly remarkable deepening of themes and dynamics.”

“For me and my collaborators it was a research area that also bore fruit within the company’s journey, in view of the recent debut of the new production, Sfera.”

Annamaria Ajmone @cont-act contemporary dance festival, Singapore

Annamaria Ajmone reaches Singapore for the second part of the Grey Space project, an experimentation that wants to leave room for research and analyze the relationship between artists and producers.
The project is conceived and promoted by T.H.E Dance Company, Singapore, and provides that artists from different nations can gather in a welcoming and congenial context to meet, present their practices, verify the possibility of finding common themes and dynamics on which to work in groups.

To identify and support the artists, an informal international network was created: in addition to Crossing the sea, it comprises Oduro Akita International Dance Festival (Japan), Hong Kong Dance Exchange (Hong Kong), Contemporary Dance Exchange (Macao), Indonesian Dance Festival (Indonesia), BIPAM Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (Thailand), Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam).

In 2021, the artists carried out a digital residency; in 2022, they finally met to work together for two weeks, after which they presented a work in progress. Annamaria worked on the theme of “radio therapy”, born from the fusion of ideas with Pakhamon Much Hemachandra (Thailand) and Nguyen Chung (Vietnam): an immersive performance / installation was born, in which the audience is invited to take part in the ” therapy “by moving freely in a space.

For 2023, we want to verify the interest of the partners in hosting a subsequent work moment of the artists to finalize the creation.

“Looking at the skyscrapers is one of the most beautiful things, if you like architecture a little, but the jungle is sovereign and it will rebel anyway. This, of what is where perhaps it shouldn’t be. Will the roots of the plants split the asphalt, will they devour the city? “

“I had met Much and Chung already online a few times. We chose each other, randomly, and perhaps out of mutual fascination. But meeting us in Singapore somehow also explained to us why we chose each other. Perhaps because of our” impropriety “. “

“It was beautiful and difficult. Beautiful, because I believe in the value of all exchange projects, exchange knowledge and make it circulate; I believe in the circulation of information, I believe that art must be fluid, and we with it. An ecological thought , to create from what already exists, there is nothing new, but different manifestations. “

“We arrived at the day before without really knowing what we were going to present and then we chose to make an experiential choice, to share with others the experience we were having. I don’t know if that is the final form, but it is certainly the form that in that moment was thinkable and right for us. I was very happy that we were able to be so honest with our research. “

Marco D’Agostin @ Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival

Marco D’Agostin reached Palestine for a re-staging residency, a workshop and a show.
The artist had the support of Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival to put on stage again “Everything is ok”, that was also presented in the festival’s programme. He also proposed to local and international artists a practices’ exchange based on the concepts of body and memory.

“Last sunset over Ramallah. The light gilds the air.

From afar, the skyline of Tel Aviv reminds us that not only planes fly through the sky, but missiles too. That here the borders are a real and heavy stuff, that cannot be crossed.

Backlit spectators, leaving the theater.
Go to the theater, again. Go to the theater, always.
Dancing on all these heavy shadows, these thuds, these pains.
Still a sunset, still dancing.”

UnterWasser @ Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival

UnterWasser company landed in Palestine to take part in Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. During their stay, Giulia De Canio and Valeria Bianchi proposed a workshop on paper manipulation involving local artists, then presented in the programme their “Boxes”, evocative installations for one spectator at a time.

“We fell between the rocks of Ramallah and we saw shows, drank Arak, ate hummus, heard stories. We tried again the childhood feeling of not understanding the language, the alphabet, the value of coins.

We learned about passports that are useless, people who see the sea from the window but cannot reach it, a permanent art studio founded in the Shatila camp – where exactly 40 years ago massacres took place and where today boys and girls train together, work, experiment with artistic and theatrical techniques.

We observed the landscape from the plane’s windows – you cannot see boundary lines from here, dividing the mountains, dividing the seas.”

Crossing the sea online showcase @ YPAM

With mobility blocked up, YPAM organizes its 2021 edition using a hybrid format, with Swapcard as networking and exchange platform for artists and professionals from all around the world.
“Crossing the sea” is invited to propose a digital showcase, with our artists “on stage” for the whole month of December: Collettivo Cinetico, Andrea Costanzo Martini, Dewey Dell, Nicola Galli, Salvo Lombardo, mk, Ludovico Paladini, Panzetti Ticconi e Sotterraneo.

During the networking programme, “Crossing the sea” is presented to Japanese and international professionals; it is also realised a special session together with Kinosaki International Art Center, partner involved in the scheduled 2022 residency exchange between Italy and Japan.