Italian performing arts traveling East

“Crossing the sea” is a long term-strategy project that aims to establish connection and cooperation between the performing art sector in Italy and in the Middle East and Asiatic countries, establishing a dedicated mobility fund. The project is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Starting from 2018, through a open call dedicated to artists and young professionals, the 7 main partners (all Festival and Theatre with a specific know how) are guiding and promoting an internationalization process that focus on networking, sharing of information, understanding of different audiences, coproductions, participation at asiatic platform, hosting of meeting and shows.
Thanks to the chance of real collaboration, the Italian and international partnership will strengthen and qualify the relationship between the two different geographic areas, creating an informal network where the participant organizations will act as local antennas for the Italian artists.

The project follows a simple scheme:
– selection of the artists and young professionals and creation of the “Crossing the sea” dossier, promoted to the international partnership but also in occasion of exchanges and visits abroad;
– proposals of activities made by the international partners, who can select from the “Crossing the sea” dossier artists and companies to take part in those activities, according to their specific needs and artistic views. The international partners offer also invitation for the young professionals to festivals, events, platforms;
– tutoring and support of the selected artists, companies and young professionals to partecipate in the opportunities abroad;
– promotion in Italy of the activities realized abroad, presentation of results and creation of networking occasion for all the sector in occasion of events managed by the Italian partners.

Partner italiani:
Marche Teatro – Inteatro Festival Polverigi (capofila)
Anghiari Dance Hub
Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
Lis Lab Performing Arts – Cross Festival
Mosaico Danza – Interplay Festival
Festival Oriente Occidente

Partner internazionali:
Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (India)
City Contemporary Dance Company (Cina)
Hong Kong Arts Festival (Cina)
Maqamat (Libano)
National Performing Arts Center (Taiwan)
Seoul Institut of the Art (Corea del Sud)
Shangai Dramatic Arts Center (Cina)
Shangai International Dance Center (Cina)
SIDance (Corea del Sud)
Tijmur Dance Theatre (Taiwan)
T.H.E. Dance Company (Singapore)


Foreign partners