A month in Jordan for Pietro Marullo, thanks to the collaboration with Arab Theater Training Center, which facilitated the presence of our artist at Studio 8 and the IDEA Festival. Pietro visited Jordan with two objectives: recreatin the shows “Wreck” and “Hive” with a local cast and starting the shooting of the audiovisual creation “Gaia Empathy / Jordan”.

“The two shows went very well, we gathered a lot of enthusiasm and many proposals for future collaborations. Bringing those two aesthetic forms into that context was disruptive. We did interviews, gave workshops, invented collaborations with street artist. .. I didn’t expect so much welcome, thirst for art and life. For me it was a particularly touching experience, which changed my way of looking at the world and gave new life to my work. The people there, the dancers, the volunteers… they gave everything. They put their soul and heart into it. “

“I had the opportunity to get in touch with other Jordanian cultural institutions (MediaArt, National Center of the Arts …) and we hope to realize workshops and shows between now and next April. My intention is really to invest time and energy to revive the life as a local artist and to create bridges with Europe. I would like to make Amman my second (or perhaps third) working base for the next two years. For me this is the meaning of a project like “Crossing the sea”, to not remain “only” a splendid isolated experience, but one that allows to sow and build dynamics and bridges.
Amman is a strategic point in the Middle East, quite sheltered, very close to other important centers such as Ramallah, where cultural policies are really political and are really necessary. “

“We spent the last ten days filming on the Jordan and from Madaba to the Wadi Rum desert. Gorgeous images for this experimental film about water.”