UnterWasser company landed in Palestine to take part in Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. During their stay, Giulia De Canio and Valeria Bianchi proposed a workshop on paper manipulation involving local artists, then presented in the programme their “Boxes”, evocative installations for one spectator at a time.

“We fell between the rocks of Ramallah and we saw shows, drank Arak, ate hummus, heard stories. We tried again the childhood feeling of not understanding the language, the alphabet, the value of coins.

We learned about passports that are useless, people who see the sea from the window but cannot reach it, a permanent art studio founded in the Shatila camp – where exactly 40 years ago massacres took place and where today boys and girls train together, work, experiment with artistic and theatrical techniques.

We observed the landscape from the plane’s windows – you cannot see boundary lines from here, dividing the mountains, dividing the seas.”