The choreographer and artistic director Michele Di Stefano leaves for Korea together with the dancers Francesca Ugolini and Sebastiano Geronimo, all guests of the Seoul Institute of the arts, an advanced training center for live performance and creative research.
While in Korea, the Company works on the new production “Sfera”, involving the students of the Institute in the process and sharing the working methodology with them.
The Company is also a guest at a series of networking events that allow them to get to know other professionals in the area.
The residency concludes with a final public presentation.

“The idea of ​​constructing a performative – as well as educational – path together with the students of the Institute of Arts in Seoul starting from the choreographic system which is the basis of one of the mk company’s most recent works proved to be immediately fruitful, and has allowed in a short time a truly remarkable deepening of themes and dynamics.”

“For me and my collaborators it was a research area that also bore fruit within the company’s journey, in view of the recent debut of the new production, Sfera.”