Ilenia Romano is hosted by Sarayyet Ramallah during their summer programme, dedicated to introducing the world of performing arts to the local population and to encourage the presence of qualified artists in Palestine, so that they can work with children, teenagers and young people. Ilenia’s stay is abruptly interrupted due to the intensification of hostilities in Gaza, which makes it more prudent to leave the country. The experience is a source of confrontation with artists and partners and both Sarayyet and Ilenia express their desire to continue their collaboration as soon as possible.

“From the moment I arrived in Tel Aviv, on the taxi ride to Ramallah, I knew it was going to be a particularly intense experience. Those landscapes, the people, already stood out inside me without the possibility of escaping me.
Going through the check points, prepared in advance by the suggestions of my companion, immediately opened my eyes to the complex political situation of which we all know but which takes on a completely different significance when we experience it on our skin.
The taxi driver and I stop to buy fruit for his family, then continue on to the hotel. Strangely I feel at home. “

“I was struck by the kindness and respect that everyone has always shown me, even with unexpected gestures and gifts. Wherever I went, I always felt hearts around me open to welcoming. “

“In the first two days of getting to know the group, through practical work, I understand that I have to review the ways and objectives of my research and probably the reasons why I am there.
I try to shape my research so that I can deal with the essential technical issues, I leave the little ones more freedom to play with my proposals by physically interacting with them continuously (body language is the only one with which we can understand each other), I create small movement games that can entertain them linked to the themes of investigation, I leave a small space of composition to the older girls to be able to dedicate myself to each one, taking care of their technique and interpretation specifically.
I feel that their interest and their way of participating change day by day … Maybe I have found the right channels. “

“I greet everyone, they invite me to come back next year, they tell me that this is my second home. The feeling I had on my arrival is confirmed by their words. “