Giulia De Canio, Valeria Bianchi and Aurora Buzzetti travel to Brazil for a residency focused on their “Boxes” project, installations for a single spectator and created with different craft techniques, coming exactly from this area of the world. The local partner Cambio Festival put the company in contact with several local experts, who contributed to their research and to improve their techniques.

Thanks to the hospitality at the scenography laboratory of Sede Cia dos Atores in Rio de Janeiro, the three artists had the opportunity to design and create three new “Boxes” entitled “Postcards from Rio”, who will return to Italy with them to meet new spectators.

“The city of Rio and the meeting with the artists of the local company were at the center of our research: we interviewed some resident artists of the Cia dos Atores, asking them to show us the places in the city that were significant for them and we documented them with audio recordings and photographs the path that was being traced. We asked the artists simple questions to bring out their personal and unique gaze on the city, thus drawing emotional maps of Rio de Janeiro.”

“Thanks to the generosity of Malu Costa, Romolo Chindelar and Lucas Popeta, who gave us their personal vision of the city.”

“During the residency, we built three boxes, but we gathered material to create two more, one of which will tell the story of the place and the people who welcomed us with this project. It was an intense and immersive experience, our project was enriched with new ideas, the organization of our stay was impeccable and our presence was welcomed with enthusiasm by all the theater staff to whom we feel very close.