Andrea Costanzo Martini is hosted at Cambio Festival for an exchange of practices with local artists, which also includes open lessons, the presentation of his solo “Trop” and meetings with the audience and other artists from the area.
The choreographer selected, together with the direction of Cambio, 5 participants who attended a series of rehearsals, lasting 4-5 hours each. Each rehearsal included a lesson with Andrea Costanzo Martini, followed by a few hours of choreographic research. The work created was then presented in the form of a semi-formal sharing in the Theater of “Cidad dos Atores”.


“The choreographic research has mainly touched the theme of family. Personal stories, reflections, questions presented both verbally and physically and images extrapolated from personal memories have gone into the creation of this short piece of about 13 minutes.
The value of this meeting went far beyond the physical and artistic research per se. “


“I met a completely different reality from the one I am used to work in, of five performers from extremely different social and economic backgrounds. I had the opportunity to touch the reality of a country marked by extreme contradictions through the lens of artistic creation and dance. Our meetings extended beyond the scheduled time to find out what it means to be an actor, a dancer in Brazil. I was lucky enough, among other things, to attend a Samba and to have a detailed exposition of the value of the Carnival in Rio by a dancer who actively participates in it every year. “


“My strongest impression was that of a truly dynamic and creative community struggling with an absolutely disastrous economic situation (especially in the last four years) and completely dependent on itself trying to reach the most isolated and less wealthy communities of the city. A community animated by the desire for exchange, encounter, and meaning. “