As part of the Italian project Crossing the sea, the Tunis Opera House was pleased to welcome Italian choreographer Daniele Albanese in residence with the dancers of the Tunis Opera Ballet.
This evolving project, presented in the form of a work session in this first draft, is intended first and foremost to be part of the BOT’s regional touring programme. Indeed, the Ballet de l’Opéra de Tunis is preparing for the 2003/24 season meetings with the public in the regions of Tunisia in the form of workshops, transmission of a repertoire, mediation, choreographic pieces, works in progress… These hybrid forms of presentation aim to make the BOT dancers better known and to allow artistic exchanges around dance practice for a public that has little access to it.

Three elements were explored during the 10 days of work and will be proposed to the public in the regions in the form of workshops:
* thinking of the performance as a landscape to be looked at with a contemplative eye
* working on simple ‘games’ in which apparently chaotic situations are structured
* questioning the relationship between freedom, responsibility and cooperation on stage.

“The residency focused on the encounter between my choreographic experience and a large number of dancers, a ‘forest’.
“With the BOT dancers we started by reflecting together on the quality of ‘subtle information’, rather than on learning movements. Then we created ‘choreographic games’ based on mind-body states that made us understand how the ‘movement of the mind’ can influence the performing body”. Daniele Albanese