Oveja Negra hosted choreographer Michele Di Stefano of the mk company for 10 days in Lima for the Bermudas workshop.
As the performance is based on simple movements to learn, Michele Di Stefano will teach these simple instructions and the dynamics of the choreography during a workshop at the Italian Cultural Institute in Lima, Peru, to recreate it with a new cast of 8 performers and present it to the Peruvian public in the French Alliance in Miraflores.

“The project, aimed at local professionals and amateurs, concerns the transmission of a very precise and at the same time very flexible choreographic system, which allows for a dynamic balancing of the differences in training implicit in an open call.
While in Korea the professional background was technically high profile (the project was aimed at students from the Seoul Institute of Arts), the Peruvian performance scene is much more hybrid and subject to the negative influence of a lack of cultural planning at institutional level. In fact, support for the growth of a choreographic scene on the territory is almost non-existent.
On the one hand, this entailed a significant adaptation to different needs, because it was necessary to quickly restore a professionally sound climate and practice; on the other hand, it made the intrinsic effectiveness of the presented module even more evident, because the working group enacted a transformation with a broader scope than the project itself, a transformation that moved me deeply.
From a cultural policy point of view, it is one of the most necessary projects I have ever shared.”