After the 2019 experience in Hong Kong, hosted by the Art Festival, Luna Cenere flew to Peru this time, to continue the Genealogy project at the Indisciplinados Festival.
Through a 10-day workshop, the artist had the opportunity to work with local realities, with whom she then realised an open rehearsal at the end of the journey.

“The organisation for this trip was very simple and I perceived a lot of care from the Italian Cultural Institute in Lima in arranging my stay and coordinating all my movements. The management was very kind and helpful and the work space was beautiful. Throughout my stay I had a very nice driver available for pick up during working hours while on the Festival side Karin Elmore’s assistant was always in contact with me and present during work.”

“Compared to my experience in Hong Kong, I realise how much the Genealogy project has grown and how much it has nurtured me over these years, to the point that even six days was not a lot, the working hours always reduced (never more than three) by delays, the language limit (the guys only speak Spanish and I don’t know it well), despite this the path was clear and led to a concise but equally clear public return.”