From February 11 to 16, 2024 Jacopo Jenna and Ramona Caia held an internship/workshop on “Some Choreographies” with local artists in Peru as part of the Temporada Alta Festival in Lima.

The experience in Lima in the context of the Temporada Alta Festival in Peru, allowed me to present to the local audience the show Some Choreographies accompanied by the workshop for girls and children Désir Mimétique, which is an educational project of transmission and transformation of movement from a video archive, closely related to the performance that was born precisely from the development of these workshops that I have been conducting for years with various age groups and cultural backgrounds.
The workshop, led by me in collaboration with dancer Ramona Caia, aims to focus on the perception of certain elements related to contemporary dance starting from the concept of imitation as the basis for dance incorporation and cultural transmission.
For the Peruvian children, it was very interesting to be able to participate in the 5-day workshop with us and also to have the opportunity to see Ramona on stage during the performance, in which they found the discourse related to this research on the perception of dance in today’s society, confronting the issues and reflections it opens up, both in the theater and in the room in the workshop.
Désir Mimétique is an experience that seeks to amplify classical bodily transmission through a body-archive that harnesses the power and dynamics of the video image, also attempting a kind of democratization of contemporary dance and its archive, playing between similarities and differences by triggering an articulated game of incorporation between stimulus-response and gestural transformation in real-time.
The children were very involved, amused and happy to measure themselves in this project carried out in the beautiful spaces of the Italian Cultural Institute in Lima.