Crossing the sea for Spaarkk 2020 – online dance improvising Italy/India

Crossing the sea & Seoul Institute of the Arts 2021 – “Genoma scenico” Korean based version

Crossing the sea & Hong Kong Art Festival – Presentation of upcoming project by Luna Cenere (Italy) and Katie


LTDX, China – 2022.01.17
Zoom recording
PDF presentation


Italy & T.H.E, part 1 – 2020.10.12
Zoom recording
Presented artists: Panzetti Ticconi company, C&C Company (Italy), Goh Shou Yi (Singapore).
Shared materials and resources:
T.H.E goes online
Panzetti Ticconi
C&C Company

Italy & T.H.E, part 2 – 2020.10.26
Presented artists: Adele Goh, Anthea Seah, Marcus Foo (Singapore), Marco D’Agostin, Nicola Galli (Italy)
Zoom recording

Italy & SiDance – 2020.12.09
Presented artists: Jong-in Choi, Beam-gun Lee, Melancholy/Cheol-in Jeong (Republic of Korea), Salvo Lombardo, Marco Chenevier, Annamaria Ajmone (Italy).
Zoom recording
Shared materials and resources:
– Jong-in Choi’s “Fishing” [Full] [Highlight] – “Fisherman’s knot” [Full]
Beom-gun Lee
Melancholy / Cheol-in Jeong
– Salvo Lombardo’s “Excelsior”“Outdoor dance floor”“Reappearances”“Derivazione n.1”
Marco Cheneviervideo libraryCittadella dei Giovani Festival TDanse
Annamaria Ajmone

Italy & SDAC – 2021.03.25
Presented artists: Ophelia Huang/SDAC, Ao Ao Ing Ensemble, Stage No More (China), Effetto Larsen, Pietro Marullo, Stanze Segrete di S. (Italy).
Zoom recording
Shared materials and resources:
Galaxy Talk project
– Ao Ao Ing website
– Stage No More website
– Effetto Larsen websitevideo library
– Pietro Marullo websitepresentationvideo library
– Stanze Segrete di S. website


Partners in pandemic times – 2020.07.01
Zoom recording

The digital experience – 2020.10.25
Zoom recording
Shared materials and resources:
Crossing the sea / Marche Teatro / Attakkalari live dance improvisation
– Armunia / Anghiari Dance Hub digital residencies outcomes
Culture Hub by Seoul Institute of the Arts