Davide Valrosso was a guest for a month at Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, in Bangalore (India), during the Biennale Interim Festival in February 2019.
At Attakkalari, Davide worked with the artists of the Attakkalari company and training center, first through workshops and then with a residency, which led to the creation ofA peaceful place together with Apathy A.R., Niharl Pash and Veer Nishad.
The piece toured in Italy during Summer 2019 at Fabbrica Europa, Inteatro Festival, Cross Festival and Armunia.
During his stay in India, Davide also presented his previous show, Joseph.
Davide’s new production Who is Joseph? debuted in September 2019 at Oriente Occidente Festival alongside the programme dedicated to the Silk Road and the presence of international programmers.
The impact of the first days is certainly very strong and confusing, the city presents itself with frenetic rhythms, scents and customs that are not in the least comparable to any previous experiences made for me in other trips. There is a strong conflict between rooted millennial local customs and contemporaneity.

The students and dancers of the company are incredibly generous and with a strong desire to learn, moreover their culture and artistic sensibility on contemporary dance is much wider than what I expected.Gli studenti e i danzatori della compagnia sono incredibilmente generosi e con una fortissima voglia di imparare, inoltre la loro cultura e sensibilità artistica sulla danza contemporanea è molto più ampia di quello che mi aspettassi.