Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Fabio Novembrini and Valentina Zappa (members of Melting Point together with Isabella Giustina, already selected T.H.E. Dance Company) were hosted by Er Gao Dance Production, in Guangzhou (China), in partnership also with SETA Agency, directed by Fabrizio Massini.

The artistic trio focused their chinese experience on a creative residence about their original “Memories” project and a workshop dedicated to the local community, which allowed them to interface directly with Chinese artists and amateurs. In the middle of their journey, a moment of conference, theoretical study and sharing practices were organized with Massini as moderator. During the whole period, constant was the confrontation with the internationally renowned choreographer Er Gao and all the staff of the Center.

The three artists were hosted in Spring at Fabbrica Europa for a presentation of their individual works, during the presence of the Asian professionals and Er Gao and Massini themselves. A synergy between Fabbrica Europa and CCDC also allowed them to participate in CCDC festival before moving to Guangzhou for Crossing the sea activities.


The experience as guests in the space of the choreographer Er Gao was totalizing: the inspirations, the sharing of practices, the urban and cultural discovery of the place enriched the research, outlining the way for the future. The personal and intimate encounter with local artists was profound and allowed us to be more aware of their poetics and their artistic reality. The evening workshops for the community have opened new paths that we never imagined, giving freshness to the creative process.

Back in Italy, we reflect on the whole journey, trying to store and reinterpret all our images, sounds, ideas that we generously received as a gift.

We are convinced that this is only the beginning of the “Memories” project which now, with a richer and heavier baggage, is moving towards a possible future.