Salvo Lombardo was hosted at Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, in Bangalore (India), during the Biennale Interim Festival in February 2019.
Salvo has conducted some laboratories with local artists and one artistic residency, again with Indian dancers, assisted by Daria Greco.
During his stay in India, Salvo also presented his previous show Outdoor dance floor, again with the participation of Daria Greco.
Salvo previous works were hosted at Inteatro Festival and Armunia during summer 2019 at the presence of Italian and international partners and programmers.

I focused my choreographic research on Cricket and on the cultural reference codes (this being the national sport but of British derivation). This gave me the opportunity, really interesting for me, to create a conjunction between two of my ongoing processes of artistic research: an exploration of kinetic and gestural memories linked to sport and at the same time my interest in a post-colonial reading of the iconography of bodies in the contemporary world. I would very much like to be able to continue the research with the artists I met in India, Anindita and Prashant, with other periods of work in Italy.