Isabella Giustina was hosted for a month at T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore, between May and June 2019.During her stay, Isabella worked with T.H.E Second Company creating for them an original choreography, Hanging in the balance , which debuted at the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival in Singapore, within the Co .Lab.Asian, a section where international artists are invited to work together with young local professionals.
Isabella also held some workshops during the same event.
While Isabella was working in Singapore, T.H.E toured in Italy at Inteatro Festival, Cross Festival and Fabbrica Europa with Invisible Habitudes ; the artistic director Swee Boon Kuik participated in all the events and had the opportunity to meet in person the other “Crossing the sea” selected artists and the local professionals.

I’m coming to the end of this wonderful and unforgettable experience in Singapore, 35 days rich, intense, full of emotions.
It’s a huge emotion for me to have created my first choreographic work for a group here in Singapore! A perfect atmosphere to give life to Hanging in the Balance, a show that goes in search of the truest and deepest strength that lies behind the fragility of man.
Great organization from all points of view: perfect rehearsal plan, periodic meetings with the lighting designer, help to procure all the costumes, video shooting during rehearsals to document the work, interviews, great marketing work, timely detailed schedule of rehearsals in the theater… A big thank you goes to Silvia Yong and Kuik Swee Boon, with whom I could with great pleasure share deep reflections on the show, and to the dancers, great workers full of energy and passion, as well as being wonderful guys.