“Meeting the artists” is a series of online meetings to present Crossing the sea artists and foreign artists, suggested by the international partnership. Co-host of this session is SiDance, Republic of Korea.

An hour or so in which to know the artists, their interests, the themes they are working on at the moment, their desires for an international experience, but also an opportunity to meet colleagues from the countries involved in our project despite the forced stop to mobility.

Guests of this session:
– Jonh-in Choi, SiDance Republic of Korea
– Beam-gun Lee, SiDance Republic of Korea
– Melancholy/Cheol-in Jeong, SiDance Republic of Korea
– Salvo Lombardo, Crossing the sea Italy
– Marco Chenevier, Crossing the sea Italy
– Annamaria Ajmone, Crossing the sea Italy