Choreographer, teacher of contemporary dance, improvisation and composition.
Consider choreographic exploration as a chance to meet the other, to develop new ways of expression.
The field of research ranges from site specific to the interaction between dance and live music, collaborating in the pieces with visual artists and musicians.
In recent years she has developed a research with materials, in which objects are danced
investigate the relationship between body and matter,
staging scenographic materials not as pure background, nor as narrative objects but placing them on the same level of importance as the dancer in a reciprocal exchange of action-reaction.
The dance is thus imbued with the sounds, the shapes, the visible and tactile qualities of the material starting from the contact with it and in turn the material is danced
She studied and worked in Barcelona and then in Berlin in the years 2000/2010. In 2011, returning to Italy, she began researching dance as a choreographer thanks to the IFA Academy of Inteatro.
In 2013 she won the G’da award for young Italian choreographers, with the show Alluminio in which the research of matter in relation to the body begins. In the same period she assisted the choreographer Virgilio Sieni at the Venice Biennale for projects with the Agorá community and Mother and Son.
In 2014, with the show Legame won the audience award at the Dance Oriente Occidente festival in Rovereto.
In 2015 she won the Dna Appunti Coreografici award at the Romaeuropa festival with the piece Ra-me which allows her to deepen her research with the material, making her debut at the 2016 Venice Biennale.
Thanks to the New Trajectories path of the Anticorpi network, she developed the show Papelao, an interaction between a performer and cardboard sculptures.
In 2019, through the theather Pim off, develops the show Legno, which will have both theatrical and site-specific versions, in nature and in museums.

Since 2011 she has been part of the staff of the professional school for dancers AFI and since 2019 in Anfibia, in Bologna.
Since 2013 organizes a monthly tango event in Bologna, the Milonga Rayuela.