Le Stanze Segrete di S. is a duo who works on performance as a sensory experience. Inspired by the frescoes and tapestries, the project was born as a meeting point between the illustrated book, the shadow theater, the sound and the performance, to explore the potential of these means of expression and to overcome the limits between the techniques.
The shows Rooms are tales without words that, with the only aid of lights, sounds and drawings, want to bring the viewer (Guest) to create his own mental path, while the figures and characters of the story are revealed before his eyes.
Each Room is a site-specific work, studied and suitably modeled for the space in which it is installed and is therefore to be considered unique and unrepeatable in that given form. The Guests are accompanied in small groups by the performers (Guide), through a space in a semi-dark condition. On the walls are large illustrations telling the story as in a large pop-up book. The Guide plays the role of a narrator, leading Guests through the story, through the use of a simple flashlight, while a soundtrack complements the visual part.
The whole show takes place without the aid of additional technical means. The sensorial deprivation given by the darkness and the lack of reference points, together with the absence of a text that accurately describes the succession of events, suspends the Guest in a dreamlike condition, awakening in him the sense of wonder and leaving room for thoughts and interpretations.