Lorenzo Morandini attends the TNT high school of Turin where he learns ballet and gets the diploma in 2013.
In 2016 he graduates at Trinity Laban in London, here he studies the main modern techniques and starts his own choreographic research. During his academy experience he learns the principles of Rudolf Laban work and elements of teaching, video dance, performance and dancer job. Among the others he studies with Marina Collard, Zoi Dimitriou, Julia Gleich.
From 2018 to 2021 he is one of the authors of Incubatore CIMD where he develops Idillio, Anticorpi XL 2021 showcase selected. Meanwhile he starts a personal research on movement inspired by training experiences in nature. The project La möa is selected by the calls Bodyscapes 2021 and Strike! 2022.
From 2020 he collaborates with the Teatro Nuovo of Turin organizing contemporary dance workshops for its students. From 2021 he is one of the organizers of Danzare A Monte dance festival which offers shows, hiking and labs in Fiemme valley. He dances for AZIONIfuoriPOSTO in Perspectiva: vedere attraverso, presented at Oriente Occidente 2020 and CROSS 2021.
In 2021 he dances in Choròs: il luogo dove si danza by Alessio Maria Romano during Oriente Occidente; in the same year he collaborates with Orizzonte Giovani dance school where he teaches to groups of all ages.
In 2022 he is selected by the Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza as Artista in Rete, a project for the professional support of emerging choreographers. His choreographic project S is selected by the Anticorpi network for its development within the action ResiDance XL.
He is member of the coordination group for Sharing TraiNing, local action of training for professional artists who live or work in residency in the Trentino area.