Virginia is a dancer and choreographer active between UK and Italy. Her choreographic repertoire is comprised of live composition methodologies and improvisation, use of narrative and surrealism, cross-contamination with theatre, clown and performance art. Her artistic expression takes on different format and is ever changing.
Trained at Laban (2008-2011), throughout her studies she collaborated in the foundation of the London Soundpainting Orchestra, a collective of musicians and dancers; they have created work for major London institutions – such as Shunt, The Southbank Centre, Blackheath Hall and the London Coliseum.
From 2013 she articulates her creative language taking part in residencies at OT301 Amsterdam (4Bid Gallery), for which she creates the duet Curiouser&Curiouser, and in the programme IFA2014, where she creates the solo SPUTI, selected for Inteatro Festival 2014 and later on toured in the UK.
In 2016 she is artist in residence at Clarence Mews Studio London, generating an Anglo-Genovese duet Go slowly or you might fall, a surreal story of lost memories and cultural identity.
She studies the Gaulier method at the Barcelona Clown School with Clara Cenoz, who introduces her to performing for the very young, as well as working with the elderly and the disabled.
She is associate artist of the multimedia company TMEP, with which she creates The very important child, a comedic performance-lecture on human ego. After a successful at Edinburgh Fringe 2017 the show tours UK and Germany.
Between 2017 and 2020 together with Typhaine Delaup, Virginia curates Conducting with the body- an educational and performative project on improvisation and composition. Supported by DEOS-Carlo Felice Genova and Edinburgh Dance Base, the project tours the major dance houses of UK in the form of workshops and sharings. The duet born out of the research, This is it, is presented at Battersea Arts Centre and London Vault Festival 2020. In 2021 she is artist in residence at the Bogliasco Foundation.
Throughout her career Virginia has been performing freelance in works by various artists, amongst which: Liv Lorent, Ballo Arthur Pita, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, Simon McBurney, Anders Duckworth, Paolo Mangiola, Sze Wei Chan, David Zambrano (Venice Biennale 2014), Altered Skin, Liveartshow & Martin Constantine, Tony Thatcher, Trisha Brown (Dance Umbrella 2010).
In the past year she collaborated in the foundation of Wild Roots: a radical community land which aspires to become an Ecotone.