Le Stanze Segrete di S

Le Stanze Segrete di S. is a duo who works on performance as a sensory experience. Inspired by the frescoes and tapestries, the project was born as a meeting point between the illustrated book, the shadow theater, the sound and the performance, to explore the potential of these means of expression and to overcome the limits between the techniques.
The shows Rooms are tales without words that, with the only aid of lights, sounds and drawings, want to bring the viewer (Guest) to create his own mental path, while the figures and characters of the story are revealed before his eyes.
Each Room is a site-specific work, studied and suitably modeled for the space in which it is installed and is therefore to be considered unique and unrepeatable in that given form. The Guests are accompanied in small groups by the performers (Guide), through a space in a semi-dark condition. On the walls are large illustrations telling the story as in a large pop-up book. The Guide plays the role of a narrator, leading Guests through the story, through the use of a simple flashlight, while a soundtrack complements the visual part.
The whole show takes place without the aid of additional technical means. The sensorial deprivation given by the darkness and the lack of reference points, together with the absence of a text that accurately describes the succession of events, suspends the Guest in a dreamlike condition, awakening in him the sense of wonder and leaving room for thoughts and interpretations.


Stanze Segrete di S.

Lara Russo

She studied and worked in Barcelona and then in Berlin in the years 2000/2010. In 2011, returning to Italy, she began a dance research as a choreographer thanks to the IFA Academy at Inteatro.
In 2013 she won the G’da prize for young Italian choreographers, with the show Allumin-io in which she began the search for the subject in relation to the body. In the same period she assisted the choreographer Virgilio Sieni at the Venice Biennale for projects with the Agorá and Madre e Figli community.
In 2014, with the show Legame she won the public prize at the Danze Oriente Occidente festival in Rovereto. In 2015 she won the Dna Appunti Choreographic award at the Romaeuropa festival with the piece Ra-me which allows to deepen her research with the material, making his debut at the 2016 Venice Biennale. In line with the research with materials, thanks to the New Trajectories path of the Anticorpi network, the show Papelao develops an interaction between a performer and cardboard sculptures.
Since 2011 she has been a member of the A.F.I professional dance school led by Brigel Gjoka as a teacher of improvisation and composition. Since 2013 he has organized a tango event in Bologna, the Milonga Bruja.

Pier Lorenzo Pisano

Pier Lorenzo Pisano (1991), was born in Naples, Italy. Director and author for cinema and theatre, he graduated as a film director at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National Film School).
His debut short film As it is on earth was selected in competition at the 71st Cannes Film Festival. He then broadened his interest in writing, receiving all the major Italian playwriting and screenwriting awards (Tondelli Award, Solinas Award, Hystrio Award).
His plays are translated into English, French, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, and his work was presented at the most important European theatre festivals like Festival d’Avignon and Venice Biennale Theatre.
In 2019 he directed the Italian production of his play For your own good, already represented at Theatre Ouvert (Paris), Festival d’Avignon, Teatrul Odeon (Bucarest), Theatre 503 (London), Teatr Dramatyczny (Warsaw), and was invited invited in a writing residency by the Royal Court Theatre (London) where he developed his latest play.

Così in terra

Panzetti Ticconi

Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, based in Berlin and Torino, have been working as a duo since 2008. Their artistic research interlaces dance, performance and visual art. Deepening themes related to the historical union between communication, violence and power, they draw on ancient imaginaries, creating hybrid figures or images between history and contemporaneity.
Both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and attended Stoà, School for rhythmic movement and philosophy in Cesena, led by Claudia Castellucci.
In 2010 they moved to Germany and delved into individual, but mutually complementary paths: Ginevra studied Media Art at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) in Leipzig and Enrico Dance, Context, Choreography at the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT) in Berlin.
With the work HARLEKING they have been selected by the european platform AEROWAVES Twenty 19, the New Italian Dance (NID) Platform and by Tanzplatform Deutschland 2020.
In 2019 they won the 13th Arte Laguna Prize for the site-specific performance JARDIN / ARSENALE, the first edition of Premio Hermès Danza Triennale Milano, with which they realize the last work AeReA, and Danza&Danza prize as emerging choreographers.


Silver Veiled
Le Jardin

Daniele Ninarello

Daniele Ninarello, after attending the RDA, has the opportunity to dance with several international choreographers. Since 2007, he has presented his creations in many national and international festivals.
Since 2010 his productions have been included in the network Anticorpi XL in Italy, and he has presented his work internationally as part of the networks Les Repérages and Dance Roads supported by MosaicoDanza. ROCK ROSE WOW received the prize ‘Teatri del Tempo Presente’, supported by Fondazione Piemonte Dal Vivo and MIBAC Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali. He has danced with internationally renowned musicians and composers including Kai Gleusteen, Ezio Bosso, Dan Kinzelman, Francesco Romano, Xenia Ensemble, Adriano De Micco.
In 2016 he creates KUDOKU, together with the musician Dan Kinzelman, which had his debut in BIENNALE DANZA 2016 (Teatro La Fenice – Venice). In the same year KUDOKU was selected by AEROWAVES TWENTY17, by NID Platform 2017 and for Rencontres Choreographiques – Seine Saint Denis – France. STILL, which received the Prospettiva Danza Prize, is part of the project STILL Body Experience with Digital Brain realized with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo for the call for grant ORA! linguaggi contemporanei _ produzioni innovative.
In recent years he has collaborated as a teacher with national and international centers including Almadanza Professional Programme di Bologna, il Balletto dell’Esperia, l’University of the Arts di Amsterdam, il Balletto di Roma.





IAC Centro Arti Integrate is a cooperative production and work company that deals with theatre promotion and production.
Founded in 2010 by the artistic co-directors Nadia Casamassima and Andrea Santantonio, over the years it has carried out training and theatrical communication workshops in collaboration with schools, associations, institutions, addressing its proposal to groups of “fragile” people, people with disabilities or groups that have difficulty in accessing cultural processes.
Since 2011 it has been working constantly with the Department of Juvenile Justice to create educational paths with minors at risk. Between 2013 and 2017 it carries out the project Building my stage involving minor migrant in theatre and lighting training courses. In 2015 it co-found #Reteteatro41, a network of companies with the aim of developing cultural and theatrical policies and practices on the territory of Basilicata. From 2016 IAC created Nessuno Resti Fuori – Festival of theatre, city and people, which every year brings the experience of theatre and performing arts to a suburb of the city; through workshops, shows and meetings, with the aim of making everyone participate in processes of activation, creation and sharing.
IAC produces his own shows for children, starting from contemporary themes and issues of social relevance: Pinocchio bambino cresciuto puppet (on the value of a symmetrical education), Una disubbidienza straordinaria (on the value of disobedience within power systems and totalitarian regimes), Yeso Tang (on the journey faced by migrants to reach Europe).
Over the years IAC has developed relationships and collaborations at local, national and international level with institutions, companies, networks. In 2017, IAC was selected with the project Matera Città Aperta in the official program of cultural events of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, involving citizens, international artists and European partners.


Matera Citta’ Aperta
Nessuno resti fuori
Building my stage

Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli (1990, Ferrara – IT) works on body research, stated in artistic pieces and devices that ranges from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphics.
Galli starts as agonist gymnast and then approaches to the body research at Teatro Nucleo (Ferrara), studying the languages of physical theatre and contemporary dance. Moreover he experiences a lot of heterogeneous disciplines: Renaiassance dance, modern dance, hip-hop, body percussion, Japanese drum technique and muscular rebalancing workshop ‘Monari Method’. In 2010 he starts a personal research focused on shape and definition of the “stratification” and “landscape” concepts in connection with the body, that develops in installations and choreographic pieces. Starting from the geometry and the astronomy he is fascinated by anatomy, proportion and details; these elements compose the core of his trasversal scenic imaginary.
From 2010 to 2014 he worked as dancer and performer in the company Collettivo Cinetico directed by Francesca Pennini. Since 2014 he is choreographer supported by TIR Danza. In 2014 is selected artist at Italian Istitute of Culture in Paris with the performance Delle ultime visioni cutanee. From 2015 to 2016 creates the pièces Jupiter and beyond, Venus, Mars, a choreographic trilogy focused on solar system.
In 2017 creates the pièce De rerum natura with Balletto di Toscana Junior (Italy) and the support of Prove d’Autore XL – project of the Italian Network Anticorpi XL. In 2018 creates the interactive performance Genoma scenico for the Science Museum MUSE in Trento, with the support of Centro Culturale S. Chiara and Festival Oriente Occidente, and wins the prize Equilibrio – Fondazione Musica per Roma with the pièce Deserto digitale.
In 2018 wins Danza & Danza Prize as best emerging choreographer with the pièce De rerum natura. In 2019 wins the italian national prize Sfera d’Oro per la danza.
His works are selected for Italian and international festivals: Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore in 2012 and 2015 (Network Anticorpi XL – IT), Nid Platform 2015 and 2019, International Festival D-Caf (El Cairo), Tanzmesse (Dusseldörf). Moreover, he presents site-specific performance in collaboraction with important italian institutions: MUSE (Trento), Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa), La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Roma), Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica (Perugia).


Deserto digitale
Genoma scenico
De rerum natura


Dehors/Audela is an artistic duo formed by Elisa Turco Liveri (performer, choreographer) and Salvatore Insana (videomaker, photographer, director). Dehors/Audela is a collective in which visual arts and performing arts merge as a sign of continuous research, in which the different artistic codes, while maintaining their specificity, at the same time become capable of generating new forms of expression.
The collective Dehors/Audela has always worked on the investigation of border sites. Interstitials of the present time, not only conceived as physical places, but also as social and anthropological aspects. The indefinite and the hybrid have always been the favorite areas of research. In collaboration with the light designer Giovanna Bellini and the sound artist Giulia Vismara, they have given life to video-theatrical works, dance performances, audiovisual research projects, urban and photographic installations, experimental workshops.
Their work has been presented at many festivals and spaces such: Dansecentrumjette (Bruxelles), La Briqueterie (Paris), Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Lavanderia a Vapore (Turin), CrossAward (Verbania), Dance & Foco Festival (Rio de Janeiro), Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio (Lucca), Teatri di Vetro (Rome), Anghiari Dance Hub, Kilowatt Festival, Sofia Undeground Performance Art Festival, Image Contre Nature (Marseille), and others.
In 2019 D/A won the open call of La Briqueterie CNDC du Val de Marne, for the production of the new screendance work Aporia.


Endless ending process
Corpo urbano

Elisabetta Consonni

Elisabetta Consonni choreographs everything: human and inhuman beings, movable and immobile objects, maps, interstices and spatial holiday groups to build a network of relationships, subtle and strong, like sugar glass . Graduated in Communication Sciences with a thesis on the social construction of the body in dance, she attends The Place-London Contemporary Dance School (2004-2005) and independently deepens research in the performative and existential field in Holland (2005-2009) and in Poland ( 2013-2015).
With the works Maquillage (2007), Fotoritocco (2012), Pluto (2016) and And the colored girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo (2018,) she attempts to expand choreographic practice by seeking performative devices to incorporate social discourse.
Her activism in the social and civic fields takes the artistic form of a research process called Ergonomica which since 2013 has been investigating the use and social significance of public space and the declination of choreographic skills in work with fragile communities. Within the project, she realizes the site specific actions We want to become architecture and Go with the flow (Poland, 2014), the choreographed construction of Pompenpurg Park (Rotterdam, Biennale of Architecture 2014), Zeno’s Second Paradox (2016), Enough Space for the most tender of attentions (project for the Venice Biennale Danza 2016) and together to Connecting Cultures, the Ergonomic Space symposium (again as part of the 2016 Biennale Danza).
In 2019 she won the Open- Contemporary [Urban] Creation call with the project I want you a public good . She is a Refugees Welcome activist.


And the colored girl say: doo da doo da doo da doo

Marco Chenevier

Marco Chenevier vive e lavora tra Francia e Italia. Coreografo, danzatore, regista e attore, sviluppa, in qualità di autore, una ricerca che attraversa i codici linguistici, ne esplora i limiti e mette in discussione forma e struttura, creando originali ibridi nati dalla fusione tra danza, teatro, circo, cabaret, giochi di società e tecnologia.
Il suo lavoro vuole muovere e stimolare allo stesso tempo pensiero, sorpresa e piacere, rifuggendo l’elitismo culturale tanto quanto l’entertainment, lo spettacolo ed il consumo. La ricerca estetica e la riflessione politica sono strettamente legate, in un’analisi impietosa dei rapporti di potere.
I processi di ricerca e creazione, frutto di pratiche rigorose, hanno costituito un percorso caratterizzato dal recupero di archetipi e dalla loro dissacrazione nella contemporaneità, e portato negli anni a risultati estetici eterogenei, alternando umorismo, lirismo, poesia e iconoclastìa.
Diplomato all’Accademia Internazionale di Teatro a Roma, ha studiato presso la scuola di danza contemporanea Filomarino e con Annapaola Bacalov a Roma. Per sette anni è stato studente e poi assistente di Isaac Alvarez (primo assistente di J. Lecoq) in Francia.
Ha collaborato in qualità di danzatore con diverse compagnie tra Italia e Francia (Romeo Castellucci e Cindy Van Acker, Cie CFB451 in seno al CCN di Roubaix – Carolyn Carlson, Cie Lolita Espin Anadon,…).
Ha firmato oltre quindici produzioni con le quali è stato invitato, tra gli altri: Festival Interplay (Italia), Festival Agitato (Francia), Be Festival 2015 (UK) – primo premio miglior spettacolo, International Mess Festival (Bosnia), Teszt Festival (Romania), OpenDance Festival (Italia), HangartFest (Italia), Differenti Sensazioni (Italia), Festival Teatri di Vetro (Italia), FITT Festival di Tarragona (SP), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (NL), Festival Mirabilia di Fossano (Italia), Morenica festival (Italia), Caffeine Festival (Italia), International Ancient Greek Drama Festival (Cipro), Saison Culturelle d’Aoste (Italia), Barhat Rang Mahotsav Festival (India), Festival VD’A – Voci dell’anima (Italia), Torino Fringe Festival (Italia), Peraspera Festival (Italia), Sarajevo Winter Festival (Bosnia) – primo premio per la danza contemporanea, Festival Maratò de l’Espectacle (Spagna), Pflasterspektakel Festival di Linz (Austria), Festival di Namyangju (Corea del Sud), Torino Spiritualità (Italia).
E’ stato direttore artistico di diversi eventi tra cui il Festival “Morg-Ex Machina”, il “Roma Street Art Festival”, la rassegna itinerante “Le marmotte non dormono”. Attualmente è co-direttore del Festival T*Danse – Danse & Technologie – festival internazionale della Nuova Danza di Aosta e della stagione del Teatro della Cittadella di Aosta.

Questo lavoro sull’Arancia