Barbara Berti is a dancer and choreographer, born in Bologna and working between Italy and Berlin.
After initial training as a graphic designer, she moved into the performing arts, working with artists, performers and dancers such as Judith Seng, Tino Seghal, Gabi Schilling and Isabelle Schad. At the same time, she developed her own artistic key in contemporary dance, developing a personal choreographic language with the help of hybrid disciplines such as instant composition, body-mind centering, meditation and contact improvisation. In her creations, a key aspect is research into kinaesthetic empathy and the transmission of the performer’s physical experience in a strong interaction with the audience.
In 2014, she won the jury prize at the 100° Berlin festival with I am a shape, in a shape, doing a shape, selected in 2016 for the Vetrina italiana della GD’A (Italian Showcase of Young Dance). In 2017 she wins in ex-aequo Premio Scenario (Award Scenario) with BAU#2 from the series Choreography of thinking.
Since November 2016, she has been supported by TIR Danza.