C&C is a project that aims to create and develop a constantly evolving artistic language. It investigates physicality and dramaturgy, transmitting and sharing energy and creativity in the most direct, clear and authentic possible way in front of the urgent contemporary social issues. Through a constant work and a language free from superstructures, C&C analyses the depth of interpersonal relationships by establishing partnerships and bringing truth onto the stage, all of which achieved through a physical language that points at allowing the audience to feel represented within its universality.

The Company was born in 2011 and has indicated a calling for the hybridization between dance and physical theater through different artistic codes: singing and acting, videomaking, music and contemporary and performing arts thus perfectly fitting with the eclecticism and versatility of its performers and using valuable collaborations with professionals from all over Europe. Among the many productions that boast intense tours in Italy and abroad, as well as prestigious international awards (including Hiver Oclytes / Les Hivernales [FR], International Choreographic Competition Hannover [DE], Zawirowania Competition [PL], Konzert Theater Berne [CH], Machol Shalem Dance Competition [IL], ACT Festival [ES], Roma Danza Award [IT], CrashTest [IT]), many creations require the involvement of communities in contact with the Company, both in the project and in the sharing phases. It establishes a dialogue with the community to enhance the artistic project, making it concrete and effective: a search for relational truth which characterises the poetic of the Company. Combined with an imaginative openness and a creative curiosity it brings the abstract out of the real and brings the audience closer to the theatrical experience in a captivating and enriching way.