ADA was born in Rome in 2019. The collective is formed by Loredana Antonelli, visual artist and video director, Lady Maru, techno DJ and producer, and Pasquale Passaretti, actor, playwright and theatre director.
ADA aims to create multimedia works of prose, dance, live music, live visuals and experimental cinema for theatres, cinemas, art galleries and unconventional venues. The collective is informal in its ability to mutate organically depending on projects and thus to collaborate with other artists.
The only stable thing is movement.
L’unique chose stable – c’est le mouvement – partout et toujours. Jean Tinguely, 1966
Our projects aim to build a dynamic and horizontal relationship with the audience, exploring aspects of the contemporaneity with irony and an urban, fragmentary and direct language. The visual aspect of our projects brings together and reworks the pictorial lesson of the informal and avant-garde painters of the 20th century, exploring them through the new limits determined by contemporary technologies. Real-time data processing programmes and the use of new media establish a new field of investigation between the theatrical body, video (live visual and video art), live music (EBM – minimal wave) and DJ sets.
To date, the collective has produced or is producing:
– TWITTERING MACHINE: Pim Off 2020 Award for Contemporary Theatre; Kyberteatro Award for New Technologies
– FORSE UNA CITTA’: Olinda, Stratagemmi and IT Independent Theatre won artistic residency Animali Teatrali Fantastici. Studio presentation: CRACK! Festival; Teatro India in Roma for Oscillazioni (Teatri di Vetro).
– WALKING WITH DAMIEN: live in Mercati di Traiano in Roma for Musei in Musica;
– A SKULLY PROMENADE: performance still under development;
– Moonia h24: performance with Sonia Totaaro, music Lady Maru, Pietro Santangelo
ADA’s collaborators are: Luca Capuano, Mariella Celia, Anna Basti, Chiara Caimmi, Eduardo Ricciardelli, Elisabetta Ventura, Roberta Racis, Elena Zagaglia.