The Collettivo EFFE started in 2018 wanting to investigate the use of technological applications in the performing arts.
We want to explore perception as much as possible and challenge that of the audience. By studying the method of inclusion of different performative languages with new media, we try to open alternatives in which the technical elements are the natural extensions of the human body, experimenting with different ways of approaching the scene. To do this we try to emancipate ourselves from the supremacy of rationality.
We build utopias on stages, to suggest they are achievable.
Our shows have been hosted by: National Theatre of Turin, Festival Opera Prima, Biennale Teatro Venice, Romaeuropa Festival, Festival Mirabilia, etc.

Il mio corpo è come un monte, 2022
Desiderantes, in progress
Onirica, 2020
Epizon, 2019