Cesena, 1981. Author and director. His research is an observatory on emptiness and lack, which subtracts images, words and codes from collective memory. A path on contemporary tragedy that culminates in the theater, crossing visual arts and literature.
Garaffoni is formed by collaborating with important groups in the world of international theater research (Romeo Castellucci, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Teatro Valdoca, Motus, Julien Gosselin, Joao Fiadeiro, Enrique Vargasand other). In 2012, at the invitation ofRomeo Castellucci, participated in the projectCadmus, promoted by BNP Paribas, and showed his work at the ’International Theater Festival IKSV Of Istanbul and at Avignon Festival. finalist toScenario Award 2013 together with Silvia Costa. In 2021 he wins the Young Contemporary Art Award from the Emilia Romagna Region Administration. Also in 2021 wins the Competition Authors Under 40 from the Venice Bienniale.
His is, from 2020, Cassandra, the right to speak. Performance and exhibition produced by FAI Fund for the Italian Environment and from Emilia Romagna Region Administration. In 2022 at Venice Biennale, his text Veronica debuts, directed by Federica Rosellini and with the co-production ofLittle Theater of Milan.
Also in 2022, in November, Garaffoni debuted also as director at Bonci Theatre of Cesena with the ambitious creation Voglio soltanto le ossa (I just want the bones), produced by ERT – Emilia Romagna Theater Foundation. In recent years, continues the historic collaboration with Romeo Castellucci, with which it participates in the entire production of Bros and for which he is the movement assistant in the performance Milan, produced by Milan Triennale. There are also several works with as many international artists, we mention among others Salvatore Vitale, Yuri Ancarani, Alex Majoli and Cesura Collective.