Jari Boldrini and Giulio Petrucci as individual professionals have collaborated with various Italian and foreign international realities, also collecting shared experiences with Fabrizio Favale, Cristina K. Rizzo, Virgilio Sieni and Stefano Questorio. Together with seven other dancers, they are part of the Stabile di Lì, which initiates flows of artistic connections and exchanges of practices.
Their different formations, one graduated from Scaligero, the other trained at the school of Opus Ballet in Florence, unite their common interests. Over time they consolidate a strong relationship of friendship, the various daily and working experiences made together nourish their own artistic thought that leads them in 2018 to give life to C.G.J. Collettivo Giulio and Jari, a research project born to create performative formats affected to observe many aspects hidden in the everyday life of every culture.
In 2020 they get the support of Simona Bertozzi’s Nexus Factory, with the Evento project they are selected for the Anticorpi XL 2020 Showcase, for Anghiari Dance Hub 2020, for the Twain_DirezioniAltre 2020 award and in the same year they win the Danza & Danza award as emerging performers.