IAC Centro Arti Integrate is a cooperative production and work company that deals with theatre promotion and production.
Founded in 2010 by the artistic co-directors Nadia Casamassima and Andrea Santantonio, over the years it has carried out training and theatrical communication workshops in collaboration with schools, associations, institutions, addressing its proposal to groups of “fragile” people, people with disabilities or groups that have difficulty in accessing cultural processes.
Since 2011 it has been working constantly with the Department of Juvenile Justice to create educational paths with minors at risk. Between 2013 and 2017 it carries out the project Building my stage involving minor migrant in theatre and lighting training courses. In 2015 it co-found #Reteteatro41, a network of companies with the aim of developing cultural and theatrical policies and practices on the territory of Basilicata. From 2016 IAC created Nessuno Resti Fuori – Festival of theatre, city and people, which every year brings the experience of theatre and performing arts to a suburb of the city; through workshops, shows and meetings, with the aim of making everyone participate in processes of activation, creation and sharing.
IAC produces his own shows for children, starting from contemporary themes and issues of social relevance: Pinocchio bambino cresciuto puppet (on the value of a symmetrical education), Una disubbidienza straordinaria (on the value of disobedience within power systems and totalitarian regimes), Yeso Tang (on the journey faced by migrants to reach Europe).
Over the years IAC has developed relationships and collaborations at local, national and international level with institutions, companies, networks. In 2017, IAC was selected with the project Matera Città Aperta in the official program of cultural events of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, involving citizens, international artists and European partners.