Dancer, choreographer, teacher, Ilenia Romano studies at the National Academy of Dance in Rome where she obtains a first level degree in contemporary dance and a second level degree in choreographic composition, both with full marks and honors. Her course of study extends from ballet to contemporary dance to internal martial arts.
In her debut as a professional dancer in La Compagnia dell’AND she confronts herself personally with international artists: Pina Bausch, Cristiana Morganti, Jacopo Godani, Wayne McGregor, Ismael Ivo, Robyn Orlin. Then she dances for Les gens d’Uterpan, Micha Van Hoecke, DEOS Giovanni Di Cicco. She currently works as a dancer and assistant with the Compagnia Adriana Borriello, ALDES Roberto Castello and the Compagnia Zappalà Danza.
Since 2013 she has taught contemporary technique, improvisation/ composition and repertoire/Modem language workshops at the Modem professional course of the Compagnia Zappalà danza. She is also dedicated to the transmission of movement practices aimed at professionals (dancers and actors), amateurs, children. Since 2015 she is an associated choreographer with Scenario Pubblico/CZD National Choreographic Centre. Her personal creations are: OneWomanClichéShow (winner of the Selection Visionari Kilowatt Festival 2016, Production Scenario Production/ CZD), 1+1 in 3X3. Istantanee d’agosto. (Site-specific performance at Farm Cultural Park of Favara, 2016. Production Scenario Production/CZD), Il Carnevale degli animali, Parata danzante di vizi e virtù (for children and adults, 2016, with Ivano La Rosa. Production Scenario Production/CZD with the support of MiBAC and SIAE, in the program “Per Chi Crea”), On Time#1 (2018, with dancers aged 8 to 14 and live music. Production Scenario Pubblico/CZD), Agògica dell’accumulazione di atomi discordi. Primo studio (Project On Time#2, solo with live percussion by Carlo Condarelli, 2018. Production Scenario Pubblico/CZD), Argentea. First study (Project On Time#3, 2018, with the support of Anghiari Dance Hub, Scenario Pubblico/CZD, HOME Centro Creazione Coreografica and with the residency support of Associazione Sosta Palmizi), Alegre saudade (solo with live guitar by Angelo Martines, show hosted by FuoriFormato International contemporary dance and video dance Festival 2019), BULL@PROOF (2020, created for CZD2 Giovane Compagnia Zappalà Danza).
In 2020/2021 she is the choreographer of Baccanti, production of the Teatro Stabile of Catania, directed by Laura Sicignano.