Iole graduated in Contemporary Dance Technique from the National Academy of Dance, Rome in 2018 and in 2019 with a Master’s in dance Improvisation, in collaboration with the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia and the Museum of Contemporary Arts MAXXI(Rome). She achieved the Master in Dance performance, Trinity Laban 2020 and she was member of Transitions Dance Company from 2019/2020. Iole performed for international companies including Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Carolyn Carlson 2016, Chiasma dance Company 2018, Andonis Foniadakis, Helder Seabra, Kristina Alleyn, Anton Lucky, and she practiced skid technique with Damien Jalet. Iole was granted a scholarship at Maqamat Dance Theatre (Lebanon) and she took part of Takween Intensive Training Programme, in collaboration with Impuls tanz Vienna and Emio Greco Dance Company (2017). She took part of Ravello Festival with “Palestinian Karma” 2017, by Bassam Abou Diab. Iole took part of BIPOD Dance Festival 2018 and East Point West-Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment, Malaysia, 2018. The first work Re-Body has been created and supported by Accademia Nazionale di Danza and Inteatro Festival, with artistic residency, it was then performed during Inteatro Festival 2019. The first studio of It’s just a trick was presented to the Trinity Laban Theatre in October 2020, Dominio Pubblico Festival June 2021,Twain_direzioniAltre Tuscania 2021. She won the third prize at the International competition Premioroma Danza 2020, with the video ” Madama” and she stood out with “I lost my key”, finalist of Roma danza 2021 award and InterfacciaDigitale, Hangerfest 2021. Dancer at DNA Dance Company 2019/2020, (Italy). Award- Unique Certificate of merit from the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021, Luxembourg. AWA Dance Company project with Jasper Narvaez (AKD Company) and Erez Zohar ( Ohad Naharin repertory)- January 2022. July to August 2022, ImpulsTanz Festival 2022, Recidency in collaboration with Guy Cool and Angelique Will for the Project: It’s just a trick. October to November 2022, in residency with IJAD Dance Company, Performing in OOTFEST2022, It’s just a trick.