Marco D’Agostin is an artist active in the fields of dance and performance. He has been acknowledged with several prizes in Italy and Europe: among them the UBU Award as Best Performer Under 35 (the most prestigious prize for theatre in Italy) and the secondo prize at the (Re)connaissance contest in Grénoble.
After a disjointed education with internationally reknown masters (Claudia Castellucci, Yasmeen Godder, Nigel Charnock, Rosemary Butcher among others), he strengthens his skills both as performer (working for Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Alessandro Sciarroni, Tebea Martin, Liz Santoro among others) and maker (his works have been touring in Europe since 2010). His poetics is fluid, dinamic, constantly adapting.
At the moment it resonates with visions from atlases, books by M. P. Shiel, catalogues of extinct creatures and iconographies generated by videos on Youtube. Recurring themes in his projects are memory operation, archive fever and entertaining as form of a specific relation between spectator and performer.
The choreographic devices he creates pay debt to the lesson that italian poet Amelia Rosselli gave about writing: “Concerning metrics, being it free it used to vary according to associations or to my own pleasure. Annoyed by preset schemes, overflowing from them, it used to adapt to a tempo that was psychological, musical and instinctive”.
The piece of art he’s more attached to is The Disintegration Loops I by William Basinski.