Graduated from the Moscow Theater Art School, Teodoro Bonci del Bene has performed for Teatro delle Briciole, Marche Teatro, Teatro de gli Incamminati. With Fabio Biondi, he created the Cantiere Vyrypaev project (2013), Kislorod for the TTV festival (2014) and Illusioni, which debuted at the Vie Festival in 2015.
Since 2018 he has been working for ERT Foundation as a director, signing Gioie e Dolori nel vita delle Giraffe and Romeo and Juliet melo-drama.
In 2018, the Cue Press published his translations of the Russian playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, and the following year those of Ivan Vyrypaev. In 2019 he created an installation for Nelumbo, a contemporary art gallery in Bologna, and a performance for the V-A-C foundation in Venice.
In 2018 he creates Mr. Mayor! and in September 2020 In Piazza! in collaboration with Alessandro Argnani and the Non Scuola del Teatro delle Albe. These performances, dedicated to Tonino Guerra’s Seven Messages to the Mayor of my city, are made for the Cantiere Poetico per Santarcangelo, and feature Alice Parma, mayor of Santarcangelo di Romagna.
In 2020, Spaceship Italia debuts in full lockdown, a project supported by the ERT foundation, designed to be staged during the spread of the pandemic.