MELTING POINT is an artistic collective founded in 2018 by Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Isabella Giustina, Claudia Mezzolla, Fabio Novembrini and Valentina Zappa.. Their meeting point is RE-MARK, a site specific dance and multimedia creation by Tibetan choreographer Sang Jijia, produced by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, in co-production with City Contemporary Dance Company-Hong Kong, The Dance Industry/Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Versiliadanza.
This meeting led to the birth of Memories, a project centered around the interchange of bodily practices aimed at the research into memory made and thought for Crossing the sea.
The will is to highlight how the body can be a central element, clarifying and resolving in a contemporary so complex, where political forces play on amplifying the fear of diversity by fuelling racism and xenophobia. In a historical period like this, in which we are witnessing the total debacle of capitalist culture based on product and money, their aim is to demonstrate how possible a new positive globalization based on the exchange between different cultures and the centrality of a political body that through dance can be witness to new glimmers of humanity.